Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order glasses with or without prescription?
If you hit the "Shop" you'll see our five models, in all of our five colors, as sunglasses and glasses. When you click on one of the frames, we take you to the product page of that particular pair of glasses. Here you can switch between models, colors and the option glasses / sunglasses or you can simply click "Add to bag" to save the glasses until you decide to order them via "Checkout". The first step in the checkout process is where you can choose between lenses with or without a prescription. If you pick prescription lenses, drop down menus appear and you can enter your prescription. If anything is unclear just hit "?" or send us an email. Easy!
What do I need before ordering glasses with prescription lenses?
All you need is a prescription from your optician or your eye specialist. Oh, and don't forget to enter your pupillary distance (PD) if your prescription has a combined sphere and cylinder measurement of ±2.00 in either eye. Sometimes the PD isn't included in your prescription, in which case you can get your PD from a friendly optician or eye specialist.
How do I obtain my prescription?
From your optician or your eye specialist. If your last visit to either one of them wasn't that long ago, a simple phone call might do the trick. If you haven't seen them for a while, it wouldn't hurt to visit your eye specialist. (OWL is a big fan of eye specialists!) Oh, and one more thing, if you get a new prescription make sure the doc or optician writes down your pupillary distance. Great!
I can't make sense of my prescription. Can you help me, pretty please?!
We'll try! Please click on "?" right above the boxes were you are supposed to enter your prescription. This will open a pop-up, that will explain everything you need to know. If you're still not sure, just send us an image or copy of your prescription and our optician will figure it out. Roger that?
What does PD mean?
PD is short for pupillary distance and stands for the distance in millimeters between the centers of your pupils. The PD is usually measured in two values – i.e. 30mm / 30mm – but sometimes only with one value – i.e. 60mm. Two values can be more precise as the individual values can differ a little bit. In some instances the PD isn't included in your prescription, in which case you can get your PD from a friendly optician or eye specialist.
Damn, my prescription is incomplete. Now what?!
That moment when you're in the middle of the checkout process, and realize that some values on your prescription are missing – super annoying, right?! Not really: simply hit "Incomplete prescription (...)?" and you'll receive an email with a link that takes you back to your open prescriptions at a later point in time. Boom, another frustrated meltdown avoided!
Do you also sell varifocals?
Not really but if you already use varifocals and are looking for a second pair with the same prescription, we are happy to check with our optician if we can do something for you. In that case please send us an image or copy of your prescription and we'll get back to you. Fast. Plan B is to order one of our frames without lenses (20% off – yay!) and have your optician put in the varifocal lenses.
Who guarantees that I'll look super rad with OWL glasses?
Sorry friend, you have to be to some extent brave and confident to to buy a pair of OWL glasses. To ease your mind as much as possible, you'll find tons of pictures on our website. That way you can get a pretty good feel which glasses will suit you... but there is of course no guarantee. Believe us when we say: if you're the kind of person that needs to put on 100 glasses before one is ok-ish – this shop might not be the answer to your prayers. But if you have a face made for glasses, or know what style of glasses go well with your mug – don't hesitate!
Can I try OWL glasses before I toss money your way?
Yes, you can! Just order our frames without lenses. This sexy option will reveal itself during the checkout process. OWLS without lenses cost 120 EUR and we'll refund the full price once you've returned them safe and sound. Should they fit your beautiful mug (luckily that happens all the time) just place a second order with your prescription and transfer the remaining difference.
Oi, what are the measurements of OWL glasses?
The following measurements are in millimeters (anything else would be ridiculous): EINS: front width: 133, bridge width: 17, lense width: 52, lense hight: 42, temple length: 140 ZWEI: front width: 138, bridge width: 22, lense width: 49, lense hight: 43, temple length: 140 DREI: front width: 135, bridge width: 17, lense width: 53, lense hight: 45, temple length: 140 VIER: front width: 134, bridge width: 21, lense width: 49, lense hight: 41, temple length: 140 FÜNF: front width: 135, bridge width: 23, lense width: 46, lense hight: 46, temple length: 140
How long does it take before my OWL get's shipped?
Normally it takes us no longer than 4 work days to put the lenses* in your OWL and dispatch it. OWLS with special lenses can take up to 4 more working days. The rest is up to the super motivated people at the postal services but deliveries to Germany usually take 1 working day and international deliveries 2-4 working days. Should your waiting time seem oddly long do not hesitate to send us an email (re: DUDES, WHERE ARE MY GLASSES?!) and we'll get back at you in no time.
*It may however take a little longer if your lenses need to be custom made.
I didn't get my order confirmation – what's up with that?
Moments after you've completed your order, you should get an automated (with love!) confirmation mail. If that's not the case, please check your spam folder. Still no OWL mail? Curse the email gods and get in touch with us.
Can a cancel or change my order?
No...you have to learn how to make up yer damn mind! Ok, not really. Of course you can cancel or change your order, but you gotta be quick. It's best if you send us an email right away... Yo! Are you still reading? Ok, then we might as well tell you about the 30 EUR cancelation fee we have to enforce in case we've already ordered and put in your lenses. Oh, and if your glasses came with an extra fee (e.g. + 50 EUR for the extra thin lenses) we'll have to keep that, too. Sorry, but dems da facts, Jack.
Can I return my glasses?
Sure, but the same conditions apply as in the aforementioned FAQ (dang that was a lawyerly sentence): we have to charge you 30 EUR for prescription lenses. If you order more expensive lenses you have to pay that extra charge too. As soon as we've received the glasses with the original packaging and all bits and bobs, we'll transfer your money back. Here's the return address: Einschleifservice Bahr GmbH / z.Hd. OWL OPTICS / Linderhauser Straße 138 42279 Wuppertal / Germany. Oh and you've got 14 days upon receiving your OWL to pull the cancellation right card.
Can I check the status of my order?
Building a web shop is a tricky business. Especially when you have to play World of Warcraft 24/7...which we don't, because that would be weird. In other words: This feature will be added as soon as we've cured our coder from his addiction. Meanwhile we'll keep you in the loop with emails. Ok?
I'm blind as a bat! can you still work with my prescription?
Normally we do not sell lenses that have a combined sphere and cylinder measurement of more than ±6.00 in either eye or a cylinder measurement of more than ±4.00 in either eye. Should your prescription surpass these limits slightly, just send us an email and our optician will check what we can do for you.
Does OWL sell to opticians?
This question pops up frequently (hence, it's a frequently asked question) and every time it does we are very flattered. Nevertheless, we only sell OWLs via the internet and selected stores, meaning the price for private customers and opticians is the same. If you aren an optician with a rad store and a heart for OWLS – do not hesitate to get in touch.
Does my health insurance accept bills from OWL?
In Germany – yes! For all other countries – please have a chat with your health insurance if you want to be sure. In America, just forget it...
How do you keep your prices so low?!
We believe high-class glasses with great lenses shouldn't cost a fortune. We also believe that modern ladies and gentlemen should be able to afford more than one pair of kick-ass glasses. That's why we design our own frames, have them produced and sell them directly to you (no middle man!). We hope you dig that as much as we do.
Who's responsible for that super rad OWL logo?
The OWL logo was created by the magician Stefanie Barth and her design studio Stiletto (http://www.stilettonyc.com/). Thanks Stefanie, for making us look so good.
Yo, your photos are amazing! What's up with that?
The awesome Kira Bunse (http://www.kirabunse.com/) took all pictures of models wearing OWLS. But it doesn't stop there – she's also the owner of the top notch model agency The Right Stuff Management (http://www.therightstuffmanagement.com/). The brilliant product images and the OWLS at work were shot by the amazing Jonas Lindström (http://www.jlindstroem.com/). Big thanks also our super good looking models Anna, Eva, Hejer, Mareike, Alexis, Ian, Pawel, Raphael, Renan und Vitali and hats off to our super stylist Christina Holzum.
Your website looks ace! Who dunnit? Can I haz it, too? #ftw #yolo #hashtag
The slick concept and screendesign comes from the mighty Andy and Malte and their studio We Are Fellows (www.wearefellows.com). The sick programming comes from our very own OWL genius and partner Phil.
Hey how about a massive thank you to all the super cool people who helped OWL?
Right on! Mega thanks to: Achim, Anna, Aicha, Andre, Arne, Bodo, Caro, Christian H., Christian S., Christian T., Christopher, Daniel, David, Elias, Flo, Florian, Franzi, Gunnar, Imke, Jan, Jana, Jonas K., Jonas L., Jonas T., Julia C., Julia W., Ian, Karen, Kathi, Kathrin, Katrin, Knut, Kons, Lies, Liina, Lilian, Linda, Louise, Mara, Martin, Miriam, Nico, Nicole, Reimund, Reinhard, Robert, Sabine, Sarah, Simone, Stefan, Svenja, Till, Tom, Verena and oh so many more!