150 EUR

(most of the time)

with or without prescription lenses

Here's the deal:

The checkout is where you decide whether you want your OWL sunglasses with our without prescription lenses. OWL sunglasses without prescription cost 150 EUR. An OWL with prescription lenses normally costs the same but there are two cases in which we charge more:

  1. If thinner sunglasses lenses are necessary we charge an extra +25 EUR.
  2. And for the extra thin and extra rare sunglasses lenses we have to charge an additional 150 EUR. Note: These babies are made by Nikon this results in even greener lenses. No worries they look and feel superb.
Should any of these cases apply to you we'll give you a heads up right when you enter your prescription. And here's another feel good fact for you: in charge of ordering the right lenses and putting them in the frames is our super skilled German optician.

Tell me more about your prescription lenses!

Every pair of OWL glasses comes with the ideal lenses. This means that all of our prescription sunlenses come standard with anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings (on the backside). If you need a strong prescription we'll use thinner lenses. Everything else simply doesn't look good.